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Professional Curriculum Vitae & Cover Letter Packages

Your curriculum vitae is an agent—it markets your assets and abilities to potential employers.
Like any great agent, a persuasive CV reflects the professional in you by demonstrating your skills to their best effect, and speaking directly to recruiters' needs in a language they understand. Whatever your job objective— gaining employment, securing promotion, or changing occupation—CV Ireland's ground-breaking approaches to curriculum vitae construction will maximise your career opportunities, and provide you with the work you desire.

  Bronze Package—Economical and Effective 

Designed to Suit:

    Bar Staff/Waiters.
   Machine Operators.
    Personal Trainers.
    Recent Graduates.
    School Leavers.
    Transport Drivers.

At last you can secure all the benefits
of a strong, effective curriculum vitae for an economical price that won't break the bank.

A flat fee of €299 gives you freedom to choose any of 12 solidly designed CV Styles, a phone consultation of up to an hour with one of our friendly CV Specialists, drafts of your CV so you can make last minute changes before it goes to print, 2 digital editions for emailing to potential employers, plus 10 paper copies dispatched to you in the post. That's a lot of CV for your money!

We'll keep you updated on your order as it progresses along our quality-orientated Document Development Process, letting you know when work begins and advising you on when to expect your draft CV to arrive.

Want your electronic draft CV faster? Upgrade to a 3-day Express Order for €100.

(Add €50 for Express)
  Silver Package—Polished and Professional 

Your telephone consultation with
a seasoned CV Specialist is the foundation of our mid-range Silver Package, a perfect fit to most job seekers' requirements. Held at a date and time that works for you, the in-depth dialogue doubles as an ideal form of interview preparation.

Draft one of your curriculum vitae is sent to you inside 10 working days (5 with express orders), presented in your pick of 12 polished, professional CV Styles. If you request changes, extra drafts will then be prepared in compliance with our Document Development Process, continuing until you are entirely happy with the end result.

Electronic CVs in both Word and PDF precede the 10 paper copies we deliver— essential tools for online job hunting. Best of all, they can be easily integrated with a low-cost website add-on if you wish.

Designed to Suit:

    Event Planners.
    First-line Supervisors.
    Interior Designers.
    Marketing Experts.
    Office Workers.
    PR Professionals.
    Retail Operatives.
    Sales Agents.
    Secretaries and PAs.

    Social Carers.
    Teachers & Trainers.
    Team Leaders.

(Add €50 for Express)
  Gold Package—Powerful and Persuasive 

Designed to Suit:

    Chief Executives.
    Department Directors.
    Nursing Staff.
    Engineers (All Types).
    HR/Recruitment Pros.
    IT Support Specialists
    Managing Directors.
    Middle Managers.
    Project Co-ordinators.
    Sales Directors.

The peerless sovereign ruler of our
curriculum vitae Packages, our top of the range Gold offering is reserved solely for managerial, technical, and other complex disciplines. Like its Silver sibling it includes a comprehensive telephone consultation, a selection of 12 sophisticated CV Styles, and multiple document drafts, but differs in that it is formulated by veteran writers expert in handling the intricacies endemic to describing these high-end functions.

Editable Word files mirror 10 prints
lasered on 100g/m2 imperial bond paper.

Tripling the staff-hour allocation to
exhaustively analyse and articulate each aspect of your character, skills, and core achievements via our bespoke Document Development Process, our Gold standard service ensures first rate client care and, ultimately, a CV that commands respect.

(Add €50 for Express)
  Emerald Package—Elegant and Compelling 

No job application is truly complete without a potent cover letter
which explicitly states who your CV is aimed at, and memorably conveys the match of your essential skills and experience with the exact requirements of the recruiter who reads it.

Our elegant, compelling cover letters will help you to stand apart from the sea of competing candidates keen to catch the unimpressed eye of impatient HR directors. Available in Targeted (to particular firms, adverts, or both) and General (speculative letters for companies advertising jobs, those not currently advertising vacancies, or both) flavours, your correspondence will be formatted in a classical design with a contemporary twist, and printed by laser on 10 sheets of diamond white, ultra smooth premium paper.

A one-to-one telephone consultation defines your key messages to prospective employers, offering ample opportunity to discuss options and settle on an overall strategy. As with our range of CV products, every letter we compose is created in line with our Document Development Process, with a drafting phase during which you can review and amend the content of the correspondence, plus updates to keep you informed of your order's status.

Digital letters in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF format are yours at the close of the order, making one-click e-mailing to companies a breeze.

(Add €20 for Express)
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