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Who Should Hire A Professional CV Writer?

Job seeking can be a pretty daunting and expensive process. You must be wondering – expensive, how?

Well, silly! Think about it. The commuting costs. Interview outfits. Coffee dates. Dry cleaning. Networking event fees. Everything adds up in the end, doesn’t it? Well, it does!

Oh, no! So, the last thing you wish to do is spend more €€€ than is required to land your next gig! However, if you have been looking for work for some time but have been unlucky in this case, then it might be time to put some money into an expertly written CV. Really?

Yes! CV writers are there not only to help you tell your career story, but also to frame the information in a way that will get through the electronic filters – a.k .a. the infamous Application Tracking Systems (ATS)!

So, read below to find out whether you need to invest in an expertly written CV or not.

Is It Time To Turn To The Experts? Let Us Find Out!

who should hire a professional cv writer in ireland

You Have Been Applying For Vacancies For Weeks But Have Not Received Any Calls

Picture this – your job hunting is not coming to an end! You spend hours every day sending off your CV to little or no avail. Alas! It does not take much for the feelings of self-doubt and stress to start creeping in. Oh no! You cannot let that happen to yourself! This is exactly why you must accept help where you can get it. So, contacting any reputable CV writing services Dublin might be your best bet.

That is right! If it is taking so much time and you are still not getting the responses that you desire, then it might be the perfect time to review your application. An expert CV writer can offer the professional and unbiased opinion your resume desperately needs. At the end, you will have a polished and shiny CV that is ready to leave the recruiters bouncing off the walls! Hurrah! Isn’t that what you wanted?

You Are Considering A Career Change

So, you are all set to ditch the job that you despise? Bravo, mate! Feel free to leap into the job that you have always wanted so badly! That’s spot on! But hold on, silly, what about your CV? Have you updated it yet?

If you are changing roles or industries, there might be chances that you may or may not possess the exact experience needed for your dream job. This is where an expert resume writer can make all the difference.

They will do their best to shine the light on your best qualities, highlight your transferrable skills, and pepper your application with just the right keywords to make sure it makes it on the table of the right hiring manager. An expert resume writer possesses the know-how and skills to format your CV to fit the new role, thus promising you the best shot at job-hunting success.

You Are Returning To Work After A Long Gap Or Are New To The Workforce

In the realm of recruitment, trends change swiftly. So, when it narrows down to a professional-grade CV, what might have worked brilliantly five years back might not work today. Alarming, right? It sure is! This is why, if you are returning to the workforce after a long gap, or you are just starting out, a little help with your CV would do you well.

When you get help from a professional CV writer, you will save your precious time and effort, as well as trial and error.

Quick Tip? Just like the way you dress to impress in an interview, your resume must be dressed to impress, too. And only a professional CV writer knows how to style a CV captivatingly.

You Are Unfamiliar With An Applicant Tracking System

Good were the times when the jobseeker only had to catch the eyes of the recruiter! Now we have to impress a computer, too! For goodness’ sake! Who said the entire job-hunting phase was easy? Huh!

If you have not heard of an Applicant Tracking System, then you are in for a bolt from the blue. It is a software that a lot of recruiters and employers use to filter and store candidate’s data, such as CVs. This program permits the hiring manager to shortlist the candidates by searching for specific keywords without reading each application they receive. As a consequence, they only pay attention to about 25 percent of the CVs they receive.

So, if you know nothing about writing a CV that is ATS-friendly, you can seek help from any reputable CV writer. These professionals certainly know how to write and format your application with the ATS in mind. It means that you will have a much higher chance that your CV gets the attention it deserves from recruiters.

You Don’t Know How To Sell Yourself

Talking about yourself can be challenging. Sadly, when it narrows down to the job hunt, recruiters want to hear your success stories. If you are not able to present your achievements, then you will probably end up sounding arrogant in your CV. If you don’t want that to happen, you now know the drill, don’t you? So, hire an expert right now and sell yourself without sounding arrogant because come on! No one likes a boastful person!

  • Should I get an expert to write my CV?

Yes, you definitely should! A professional CV writer can offer your application an expert and polished look and feel that a lot of recruiters prefer to see. On the contrary, for those candidates who are extremely confident about being able to showcase their abilities and skills themselves, a CV checker might be a more suitable route for them to follow.

  • Is it worth hiring a professional to write my resume?

It sure is! Hiring a professional to tailor a well-crafted resume for your application can make sure that you include all the information you need to impress the recruiters and enhance your overall chances of getting a response.

  • How much does it cost for an expert resume writer?

On average, the cost for resume writing services ranges between $200 and $400. The charges mainly depend on a lot of different factors, such as the jobseeker’s seniority level, the writer’s skill, the positions, the employers they would like to apply for, and a lot more. 

  • How can I hire a CV writer?

There are a lot of ways to hire a CV writer. You can hire an expert in person. Moreover, a lot of times, people hire CV writers via different platforms. One such platform is Fiver. It is an online marketplace where experienced freelancers offer their skills and services, including resume writing.

Summing It All Up!

And that is all, folks! By reading the information provided above, we are sure that you know whether it is your cue to hire a professional CV writer yet or not. If you are suffering from any of the above-mentioned situations, then you better contact an expert right now to put an end to all your job-hunting-related worries.

We are sure that these experts will shoo away all your issues by offering you a polished and shiny application in no time. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and contact an expert CV writer right now! With the help of these miracle workers, you will secure your dream job in zero to no time. Can’t trust us? Well, give them a shot and see for yourself, silly!

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